Welcome to High Maturity

Our expertise lies in providing CMMI High Maturity consulting and training. We work with companies that have been appraised at CMMI ML3 or ML4 / ML5 for an older version of CMMI.

We have a well defined methodology that has been implemented successfully for all kinds of life-cycles – e.g. Waterfall, Agile, Iterative, SLA based maintenance as well as Testing projects.

Many existing high maturity consultants tend to use one of the following approaches (without explanation or justification):

On the contrary, our approach consists of showing you how to implement high maturity practices based on pure logic; it will make sense and provide value to your project teams.

We Focus On:
  • Organizational Business Objectives & Project Goals.
  • Process Performance Models & Process Performance Baselines that are linked to these Objectives and Goals.
  • Calculating the Probability of Success [P(S)] in terms of meeting Goals.
  • Setting intermediate as well as sub-process goals to meet P(S) thresholds for project goals through the use of What-If analyses in conjunction with simulation techniques.
  • Monitoring P(S) throughout a project to predict the chances of success or failure.
  • Root Cause Analysis where goals have not been met or are predicted not to be met, so that improvement action can be taken.

We do not try to turn you into experts in statistics; rather we help you understand how to use statistics as just another tool to manage your projects better.

We also provide training on High Maturity practices, Software Metrics & Estimation using Function Point Analysis.